Global Specialist in Tissue Culture

Global Specialist in Tissue Culture 

Vitro Westland is a global specialist in producing tissue culture from existing varieties and custom production.

From their offices in the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey, they serve the worldwide market with hundreds of various tissue culture products, such as perennials, pot plants, cut flowers and bulbous plants.

Rapid Propagation

Tissue culture is a method of rapidly propagating plants under sterile conditions. It is very important for the quality of the end product that the entire process takes place in a sterile environment.

This technique is used to quickly produce a large number of plants from new or existing varieties.

Tissue Culture Process

Basically, tissue culture is a form of 'cuttings', but all factors in tissue culture are manually promoted.  For example, only the growth point of the plant is placed and the conditions under which the plants are placed are artificially optimized. 

In the laboratory, the plants are placed in trays with a prepared nutrient medium and are then stored in an optimal environment. 

Through this artificial influence, growth is stimulated and new 'cuttings' are created that can be split every 4-8 weeks and placed as a new growing point.

Nursery in Poland

In addition to our laboratories, we have our own nursery in Poland. Thus, we can provide you with the tissue culture product in different stages. 

For example, it is possible to purchase tissue culture plants from Vitro Westland at stage 3 (which comes directly from the laboratory) or hardened plugs can be supplied. On request, the company can custom grow pot or big size plugs.

Free Sale and Contract Basis

Their tissue culture focuses on the free sale of crops, but they also produce according to specific customer requirements. For example, Vitro Westland offer a wide range of crops for which they are licensees or which are not (anymore) protected by plant breeders' rights. 

They can also initiate tissue culture based on, for example, one unique plant and propagate, root and cultivate it on specific request.

Globally Valued Production

Their tissue culture products are shipped worldwide, from Europe to South America and from North America to Asia. Vitro Westland distinguishes itself with the end product through a good price / quality ratio, a high service level and the presence of its own research laboratories.


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Flormart 2021 will be held in Padova, Italy (Sept 22-24).

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Colour in Springtime

The first spring bulbs at the Floriade 2022 site are starting to bloom. Crocuses are among the first to appear when the last period of frost ends, followed by ornamental onions (allium) and tulips.

With the end of this planting season in sight, Floriade are looking forward to see how all trees, flowers and plants will bloom in the coming months.

Increasing Online Sales

Garden Centres are seeking to increase their online sales in the 'new normal'.

In 2020, Online Marketing provider Garden Connect, and Retail management and EPoS provider, Davidson Richards developed a comprehensive integration between the OpSuite EPoS solution and the Garden Connect platform.

Magnolias Ready for the Flowering Season!

Tuscany Growers are now gearing up for the Spring and have top quality Magnolia, in full bud and available to order.

Cupressocyparis leylandii

As 'Greening the Home & Garden' gathers pace, privacy becomes more important in the 'new normal'. Leylandii have become very popular after years of low interest levels, now leylandii is again a good idea for hedges!

Flormart Aims for 71st Edition!

The 71st edition of Flormart, the International Exhibition of Horticulture Green and Landscape, is scheduled for 22nd - 24th September 2021 in the Fiera di Padova exhibition fairgrounds.

The brand 'Flormart' is a unique experience in Italy, a starting point towards International markets, especially in the Mediterranean basin and of Eastern Europe. A meeting point of the world of green to update and enhance business.

GreenTech Americas Re-Schedules to August 2021

Mariska Dreschler, Director of Horticulture - GreenTech, RAI Amsterdam, said “Unfortunately the conditions are not in place yet to organize the event that we are aiming for, we need to have more patience.”

“The horticulture industry in Mexico and surroundings is still increasing and we are excited to connect this industry and share top-notch knowledge via the GreenTech platform in August (15-17th).

Brexit 'Soils' Future Plant Sales!

The full effects of the 'soft' Brexit agreement with Northern Ireland has produced shock waves at one of the U.K.'s major nurseries.

Johnsons of Whixley, who celebrate their 100th Anniversary this year, have previously sold around £500,000 worth of plants each year to customers in Northern Ireland. This has now been halted, because it grows those plants in British soil.

Big Year Ahead for Gardenex and its Members!

With the Covid-19 vaccination rollout gathering pace, there is genuine optimism that the business world can soon start planning its recovery, including a return of International Trade Exhibitions that are so important to growth.

We talk with Amanda Sizer-Barrett, Director General of Gardenex on our Garden Retail Focus page.

RHS Chelsea Switches to September 2021

The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) have been forced to switch their prestigious Chelsea Flower Show from May to September. This was confirmed last month..

The 2021 Show has been moved to run from 21 September to 26 September.

Myplant & Garden Re-scheduled

The VI edition of Myplant & Garden has been re-scheduled for February 2022. The decision follows the latest updated regulations taken by the Italian government.

Plant Variety Rights in Jeopardy

With the end of the Brexit transition period, UK title holders and UK applicants that have not yet appointed a procedural representative in the territory of the EU, jeopardize their Community Plant Variety rights or applications.

Boosting Stress Tolerance in Ornamentals

Hicure, a powerful, natural and flexible biostimulant, has been launched by Syngenta and will be distributed by ICL.

This liquid formulation contains a blend of easily absorbed amino acids and peptides proven to improve plant quality and boost tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought and high temperatures.

50 Years of Four 2021!'

The U.K.'s leading Ornamental Plant Trade Fair will aim to celebrate its 50th Anniversary on September 7/8, 2021. Their 2021 banner campaign has now commenced across the media.. 

'Planteria' anticipates marking this occasion throughout 2021 with a series of news articles on the history and developments that have
made Four Oaks such a phenomenal story.
Spoga+gafa Schedule for May 2021
The next edition of Spoga+gafa is due to take place from 30th May to 1st June 2021. 

At the request of the industry, Koelnmesse is permanently moving the date for spoga+gafa to the first half of the year. n future, this means
that the largest garden lifestyle trade fair in the world will be held at a time more convenient for orders by large segments of the industry.