Breeder Special

Breeder Special

This month we report on the latest news from Genesis Plant Marketing. 

Kordes Range Extends Genesis Profile

Genesis Plant Marketing Ltd are pleased to confirm representation of a small selection of products from the Kordes range for the UK market.

M.D. Nigel Judd said “Included within these lines are the Caryopteris Blue Balloon which compliment our current ranges adding a new colour or type to an existing group.”

Growth in Edible Ornamentals

“The addition of some new edibles at a time when edible ornamentals are enjoying strong popularity is an added bonus to the programme. Having stock of all these varieties in the UK will enable us to get some young plant stock up and running later in the year.”

Genesis Plant Marketing are placing special emphasis on the following varieties:

Amelanchier `Rainbow Pillar’

This is a multi purpose upright shrub or small well branched tree with the benefit of narrow dark green leaves in spring, masses of white flowers followed by red purple fruit. Being of USA origin in the nursery of Lowes & Son Ohio it has tasty berries known as serviceberries. Berrying up the foliage continues mildew free, whilst turning brilliant orange red before leaf fall.

Caryopteris clandonensis `Blue Balloon’

A further new selection, these are bright and fresh in colour and its florets are large and more sky blue. Similar to Blue Spatz flowers on lower branches as well giving the impression of a complete bright blue dome.

Hippophae rhamnoides `Orange Energy’ HABEGO – Sea Buckthorn

This shrub is commonly seen on many of the sandy beaches particularly in the north, east and south of the UK. Here it is used as a pioneer shrub or has simply escaped through the activities of birds who enjoy these tasty fruits. Bred by Albrecht in Berlin for its enormous yield of orange fruits with extremely high Vitamin C as is typical for this species.

Lycium barbarum `No. 1 Lifeberry’ 

This is commonly known as Goji Berry but also those such as Duke of Argyll tea tree, Vicars Tea Party and common Matrimony vines. This is selected by Kordes from oriental material from huge plantations in the Ningxia area. It is selected for sweetness of taste and of course, all the usual vitamin carotenoids and polyphenol typical of Goji Berries.