Euro Grower Focus

Euro Grower Focus

A 'Virtual' Taste of Tuscany!

Plant Buyers can now enjoy the Giorgio Tesi Virtual Nursery Tour at their leisure!

While travel remains difficult, this unique experience provides the option for plant professionals to discover their production anywhere, at any time.
An innovative tool to work together, with the values and passion that have always set Giorgio Tesi apart!

What is the Virtual Nursery Tour?

This is a multimedia platform which allows you to visit the Giorgio Tesi Nurseries and Production, an innovative method for communicating with their customers all over the world.

Browse Specific Areas

A map guides you in choosing which production centre to explore. Once selected, you can browse around to choose the area on the basis of those varieties that interest you, including botanical and sales information.

360 Degree Panoramic View

You can send a quote or an information request to your sales representative. The system is based on 360-degree panoramic photography, with which you can observe the surrounding environment from different points of view, thus giving realistic, high-quality views of spaces and situations.

Click the image above to enjoy the taste of Giorgio Tesi!