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A Blooming National Treasure!

Introducing The 'Captain Tom Rose'. This stunning new red rose variety, available exclusively at World of Roses, has been named after the national treasure and war veteran, Captain Sir Tom Moore, who sadly passed away, recently.

Abundant Bright Red Rose 

This abundant bright red rose a superb new classic hybrid tea from the Harkness Rose Breeding programme. This variety produces copious quantities of blooms, which appear in waves. Plants are dense, leafy and robust, with good health and hardiness.

Buds of deep, dark red open to reveal blooms of rich, velvety petals. Great for use in beds, borders and large patio pots. When planted in groups it can create a really stunning effect. 

Star Rating: 5/5 
Scent: 3/5
Petal Count: 35 
Flower Size: 8-10 cm
Flowers per Cluster: 5-9
Size: 90 cm tall x 60 cm wide

Inspired a Nation!

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, Captain Sir Tom hoped to walk 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden before his 100th birthday, with a goal of raising £1000 for the NHS Covid-19 appeal.

What happened next was totally unexpected. By his hundredth birthday, he had inspired an entire nation, been referred to as a beacon of hope, and had raised £38.9 million for the NHS!

Four Different Options

This new rose is sure to capture the hearts of many households and gardeners across the UK, just like Captain Sir Tom captured ours. For every rose sold, World of Roses will donate £2.50 to The Captain Tom Foundation which is on a mission to inspire hope where it is needed most. 

The Captain Tom Rose is available to buy as four different options:
Bare root £12.99
Bare Root Triple Pack £34.99
Potted £15.99
Potted & Gift Wrapped £20.99

*By the Captain Tom Rose here:

Mental Health & Well-being

Gardening is beneficial for mental health and well-being, cited as being able to reduce stress and improve mood, even reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. In our increasingly urbanised and technologically driven world, reconnecting with nature can have a huge impact on mental health.

Link to New Mission

This beautiful new rose is therefore a perfect link to the new mission Captain Sir Tom and his family identified which is to bring people together, combat loneliness and improve everyone’s mental health.