Minister for Horticulture is Required in Parliament!

Minister for Horticulture is Required in Parliament!

Minister for Horticulture is Required in Parliament!

Lewis Normand from Bernhards Nurseries, recently launched a petition to urge the creation of 'Minister for Horticulture'.

Lewis outlines the situation here:

“In 2018 UK Horticulture was valued by the Horticultural Trades Association at £24.2 billion per year. This sector employs over half a million people representing 1 in every 62 jobs.  Even ignoring the financial value of Horticulture to the economy, the environmental, social, cultural, leisure, culinary and aesthetic value of the industry should not go unnoticed or unheard”.

Poor Relation

“Where many other industries are supported with a voice in parliament, Horticulture often goes unnoticed, as an extension of Agriculture.  Fisheries, while important, contributes a little over £1.4 billion a year in the UK and yet has better parliamentary representation.  The UK Horticultural industry is too big to be ill-represented in government and through opposition parties”.  

Increased Understanding

“Governmental targets to plant trees at a greater rate in the UK than ever before, to beautify and improve air quality in our cities, to encourage people to lead active and healthy lifestyles and so much more depend on Horticulture”.

“A dedicated Minister for Horticulture could greatly help to improve understanding at a national level of the value of the industry.  This Minister, could be a supportive voice in parliament and could lead the way in setting the agenda of making the UK one of the greenest and more sustainable countries in the world going forward”.  

Lacking a Voice!

“We have the industry, but we lack the voices in parliament to represent those employed and drive change for all”. 

“We need a Minister for Horticulture to represent, Growers, Garden Centres, Nurseries, Smaller Food Producers, Florists and Floristry Suppliers, Tree Surgeons, Gardeners, Landscape Contractors, and Botanists".

"You can add to these categories, Plant and Soil Scientists, Garden Designers, Landscape Architects, Compost Producers, Foresters and Arboriculturists, Chemical, Tool and Equipment Manufacturers, Educators and Trainers, Landscape Managers, Botanical Collections, Trade bodies and other myriad specialist professionals working in Horticulture across the UK".

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