Research on Digital Marketing Usage

Research on Digital Marketing Usage

Research on Digital Marketing Usage

Since the start of Covid-19, things have become turbulent for companies in the garden retail industry.

Ranging from massive shortages to huge plant sales, to being forced to close entirely. This brings a lot of new challenges to you as a business owner but also a lot of opportunities, especially online. We have seen many garden centres start click and collect schemes, local SEO marketing and full-blown webshops. In most cases leading to increased revenue.

Thoughts on Digital Marketing

In regards to a study that brings all of these changes in digital marketing for garden centres into the scope, Garden Connect is interested in how this has affected you." (Click Garden Connect above to access the questionnaire).

What are your thoughts on digital marketing? What are your motivations and challenges?

Please help us gain more insight into this by answering a few questions. Responding to this survey will only take a few minutes and is completely anonymous.

New Areas of Opportunity

Once the study is complete, we will publish the results so that everyone can benefit. The results might also show you new areas of opportunity. On top of this, you can opt-in for a free giveaway.

Five copies of the bestselling book ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek will be given away to participants.

You can also click here to access the questionnaire: