Product Focus

Product Focus

This month (March) we focus on Southern Trident and their growing range of coir-based composts.

The Search for Peat Alternatives

With increasing concerns over climate change and the desire to reduce or eliminate the amount of peat used in horticulture, commercial growers, gardeners and consumers everywhere are looking for quality peat replacements.

Increased Sales

This has partly been responsible for an increase in demand for Southern Trident’s Coco & Coir® range of coir-based composts. Repeat orders, based on confidence once the products have been used, has created a further sales boost. In the last year, sales have trebled, resulting in relocation to new premises that are four times the size of the previous site.

The new facility holds more stock, and allows for more efficient production, enables sector-leading customer service and growth - both volume and products offered.

Quality Company

Southern Trident is a UK-based company that takes great pride in playing a pivotal role in helping define a greener tomorrow through the supply of eco-friendly products, such as coir-based growing media. The current product portfolio includes coir-based solutions for growing media companies, commercial growers and the hobby gardening market aiming to go peat free.

The company is backed by several years of experience and an R&D facility to create new formulations to suit specific applications. The production facility in India, supported by an affiliate partner network and continental sales offices, ensures quality, trustworthy and transparent service every time.

Consumer-Driven Demand

Steve Harper, Southern Trident CEO, says: “These are exciting times for Southern Trident, we are having to quickly adapt to meet growing demand for our products. Gardening is enjoying booming sales and peat is the main issue in growing media, and consumers are driving the demand for peat-free alternatives. The team at Southern Trident is working fast and hard to meet that demand, as well as develop new products that meet future consumer needs.”

Quality Product Range

The range encompasses a number of compressed coir growing media products; compressed coir is easier for the consumer, as it is lighter and easier to carry and move around than standard composts. The coir improves growing conditions for all plants and provides the perfect balance of aeration, drainage and water retention for stronger and healthier root growth, and better plants. It encourages beneficial soil microbes, and is pH and nutrient balanced.

Pure Coir Compost

The current range includes: Coco Grow, a pure coir compost; Coco Grow+, with added perlite for seed sowing; Coco Boost, with added NPK fertiliser that tops growing trials as an All Purpose Compost; Coco Chip, a larger chip mulch that replaces bark; and Coco Dots, compressed coir propagation pellets that expand to make plugs of compost.

Coir at the Heart

Southern Trident has already cemented a reputation for quality and service with its customers. Achieving consistent quality is built into the production process. Right from the start, from choosing quality dried husks, to fresh water washing, screening and compressing through to the final container sterilisation process.

Every step in the production process is carried out to stringent standards, with a QC Manager at the production sites testing each batch to ensure the product quality meets our expectations before each shipment.


Offering quality coir to the market, is just one small part of the company’s commitment to sustainability. Consciously choosing certain shipping lines for their carbon emission offset programs to only using FSC-approved and fully recyclable packaging for the retail range shows a total commitment towards sustainability.

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